Experimental music, dance and media performances in Italy and California, inspired by Shakespeare's The Tempest

La Tempesta

An international series of experimental music, dance and media performances, inspired by The Tempest, William Shakespeare’s mystical masterwork

One of his most frequently produced plays, William Shakespeare’s mystical masterwork The Tempest has spawned numerous adaptations and derivative works, including operas, films, novels and visual art.

La Tempesta was presented in Italy and California as part of Vortex, a 2016–2018 series of performance projects developed in collaboration with a transdisciplinary international group of artists, scholars and students. Our concept takes excerpts from the text of The Tempest, along with other sources, as inspiration to reflect on relationships between humans and oceans. Situating ourselves on Shakespeare’s mysterious island, we respond to contrasts and complexities of the coastal interface using music, dance and digital media projections.

La Tempesta

Experimental Media Performance Lab
Irvine, California • October 2017
Teatro Traetta
Bitonto, Italy • July 2017
Teatro Forma
Bari, Italy • July 2016

Creative Team

Riccardo Santoboni, Lisa Naugle and John Crawford

Tom Beyer, Luigi Capuano, Gianni Francia, Massimo Gianfreda, ChanJi Kim, Rosalba Lamacchia, Linda Marcel, Davide Remigio, Riccardo Santoboni, Alberto Signorile, Francesco Vitucci

Conductor (California)
Stephen Tucker

Musicians (California)
Nando Di Modugno, Jonathan Lee, Li-Mei Liang, Katie Nguyen

Conductor (Italy)
Gregorio Goffredo

Musicians (Italy)
Nando Di Modugno, Francesco D'Orazio, Nicola Fiorino, Leonardo Grittani

Sound Engineer (Italy)
Matteo Cavallo

Lisa Naugle

Dancers (2017)
Edgar Aquirre, John Barclay, Kira Bessey, Danae Husary, Laman Musayeva, Sarina Ramirez-Ortiz, Waeli Wang

Dancers (2016)
Annika Alejo, Leslie Bitong, Emily Guerard, Simon Harrison, Francesca Lee, Katie Summers, Peri Trono, Emma Walsh, Koryn Wicks

Additional Choreography
Kira Bessey, Leslie Bitong, Francesca Lee, Sarina Ramirez-Ortiz, Koryn Wicks

Assistant Rehearsal Director
Kira Bessey

Lisa Naugle, Julie Keen Leavenworth

Concept & Video Design
John Crawford

Additional Text
Julia Lupton, Colby Gordon

Video Performers
Carl Cubero, Brynna Gallagher, Simon Harrison, Nicole Vitale, Giulia Vittori, Yaya Zhang

Narrator (Italy)
Luca Simonetti

Morgan Embry

Technical Director
Bruce Warner

Production & Media Assistants
Allison Eversoll, Brandi Kelley, Sukanya Kumar, Jacob Machmer, Parshant Mahbubani, Robyn O'Dell

With Support From

Image credit: John Crawford